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December 11, 2017
This website is no longer updated due to two
interrogations of how information was received
in two officers deaths. Please go to
for updated officers deaths.

2012 Statistics of Fallen Officers listed here


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Extended Memorial Postings - A silver star Click Me (go ahead click the star) on an officers listing in the Memorial Pages indicates multiple photos, poems, or more detailed information submitted in memory of the fallen officer. Click the stars on Memorial Pages for viewing.


This web site is the only known web site for Law Enforcement that honors men and women who have died on and off the line of duty. It is also the only known Law Enforcement web site that honors officers from all over the world. It is not solely for the United States.


If you have a loved one that has died on or off the line of duty in any country please submit information to me here: Submission to Honor Fallen Officer


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2012 Statistics of Fallen Officers


Land Mark Case-Guilty Charge of Threatening Communications thru the Internet


N.Y. man admits Net death threat


Jury Awards $11 Million Over Defamatory Internet Posts


Wife's Concern - Bringing Ryan Back" Article Written
By Diana Keough

Homeland Security Advisory

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