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*2009 Statistics of Fallen Officers


This is a compilation of statistics based on fallen officers posted on It is my way of showing you in simplest form the statistics of officers that died in 2009 and were posted on my site. Everyone should find it informative. Feel free to share it with your affiliated agencies and departments. God Bless all of our fallen officers and in our hearts they will remain.




Shootings – 47 total


13 officers killed on domestic violence calls

12 officers killed in gang related or deliberate attacks

5 officers were killed directing traffic

4 officers were killed in robberies

4 officers were killed while sitting in a coffee shop

2 officers were accidentally shot by fellow officers

2 officers were killed with their own gun

1 officer was killed in a kidnapping case

1 officer was killed while he sat alone in his car

1 officer was killed by gang members entering his garage at home


Motor Vehicles – 52 total


12 officers struck a tree or a pole

4 officers were killed by a drunk driver

3 officers were killed on motorcycles

2 officers were killed in funeral processions

1 officer was killed laying spike strips

1 officer was killed when his car hit an elk

1 officer was drunk and on a motorcycle


Heart Attack – 5 total officers died of heart attacks 3 during training, 2 in assists




Texas: 13

California: 10

Florida: 8

Pennsylvania: 7

Washington: 7

North Carolina: 6


No deaths listed for: Alaska, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky Maryland, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming.


Total of fallen officers on 116

Total of fallen officers in U.S.A in 2009: 120


( lists officers who also die off the line of duty, therefore these figures will never compliment each other and can only be used in comparisons.)



2-3 years on average – 11 officers died in their second and third years of duty.

Shortest time on job – 2 months

Longest time on job – 30 years, two officers lost their live in their thirtieth year of duty.

4 officers died with less than a year on the job

1-5 years on the job – 40 officers

6 to 10 years on the job – 24 officers

11 to 15 years on the job – 13 officers

16 to 20 years on the job – 12 officers

21 to 25 years on the job – 7 officers

26 to 30 years on the job – 8 officers




Average Age: 37 years old (down 2 years from 39 years old in 2008)

Youngest: 21

Oldest: 70 retired officer from South Dakota

Under age 25: 9 officers

Age 26 to 30: 23 officers

Age 31 to 35: 16 officers

Age 36 to 40: 22 officers

Age 41 to 45: 21 officers

Age 46 to 50: 12 officers

Age 51 to 60: 11 officers

Age 61 to 65: -

Over age 65: 1 officer




Female: 1 (lowest loss in history of law enforcement, 2008 was the highest at 15)

Male: 116


6 officers were engaged to be married

79 officers were acknowledged as being married




180 total of children lost parents

3 wives were expecting

65 children known to be daughters

34 children known to be sons

18 grandchildren lost grandparents (up by 10, in 2008 it was 8 grandchildren)

A Lieutenant in Illinois had ten grandchildren




Police Officer – 36                             Corrections Officer – 5

Deputy Sheriff – 23                            Border Control – 3

Captain – 3                                       DOJ/Special Agent – 5

Chief – 3                                           Probation Officer – 2

Sergeant – 16

Lieutenant – 2

Corporal – 2

Detective – 7

Trooper – 6




Only one female was killed in the line of duty in 2009.


Three sets of officers were sabotaged or deliberately attacked in 2009.


12 family members of officers are also members of service.


April was the worst month with 14 deaths.


One officer’s fiancι found out she was pregnant the day he died.


One officer was killed just two weeks before his retirement.


One officer was killed while driving a motorcycle in a funeral procession for a fellow officer that was killed on the same road.


One retired officer died on his 70th birthday.


One officer was killed the day before his anniversary with his agency.


One officer joined his department on his birthday back in 2001.


One officer was killed by gang members as they entered his home garage.


One officer was killed on his motorcycle when he was drunk on payday.

*The stats above are not a scientific study and should not be used in association with any reports or documentation for law enforcement or educational purposes. They are simply stats based on information received on behalf of the fallen officers and requests for their memorial postings.