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She Still Stands

From her island sanctuary
She stood glorious in the sun,
As clouds billowed softly by,
I saw Liberty; her torch raised to the sky

From the sky flew the demons from the east,
By blade, capturing the wings of the eagles flight,
Four riders stormed down delivering death,
Laying siege on her fortress of democracy

The towers destroyed and the keep damaged,
Countless souls delivered into Godís hand,
The devilís seed had been sowed
An unholy bounty reaped

Fire, soot, and ash rained down to the street below,
Onto The Knights of Saint Michael and Saint Florian,
Burying those who try to save
Life pushed to the limit never thought to be undone

From her island sanctuary she stood immobile,
As clouds of smoke, ash, and soot billowed
Devastation recognized and dealt
I saw that Liberty still stood

Her sons shall raise their swords
To vanquish the evil back into the night
Her torch shall never grow dim
It will always be raised to the sky

Martin Connors
Philadelphia, PA


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    Updated 2-08-2002

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Images above are 23 officers of NYPD killed on 9-11-2001
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