K9 Officer Berry
February 25, 2006
May he rest in peace

Berry died in his sleep possibly of a heart attack. He was 7 1/2 years old and a loyal partner and companion since he was 13 months old. He would get upset when he wasn't allowed to go out on tour. Berry's favorite chair was always the one with a lap on it. It didn't matter that he was an 87 lb package of dynamite, he thought he was a lap dog.

Berry saved his partners life once when a suspect had a knife. Berry took him down while they were fighting under a house. The suspect got behind his partner, went for his partners gun and Berry grabbed the suspect hand and held it.

Berry was the first K9 within the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Sheriff's Department to get a felony apprehension. At the time the agency had dogs for nine years. When he got his everyone was always singing "Who Let The Dogs Out"

God Speed Berry and YES all dogs do go to heaven.