Poem Written For Bob it is also posted below Photo of Bob Bob's Department Patch

For A Little While

The sun doesn't shine every day,
and tomorrow is not promised to you.
The morning God called Bob home,
he was doing what he loved to do.

Bob gave up his life for another,
he is a HERO all by himself.
He decided that it was time to put away his weapon,
and put his badge on the very top shelf.

He no longer needs to wear that bulletproof vest,
it was uncomfortable anyways.
He no loner has to to call for back up,
because he is walking with Jesus everyday.

He no longer needs the dispatchers to check on him,
because he already called in.
He checked in with Jesus on Saturday morning
and God took away all of his sins.

He doesn't need anyone crying over him,
but you're only human so go on and cry anyways.
God is going to dry up all your tears,
and the sun will shine again one day.

He no longer has to hear the boss man say,
"Bob are you working tomorrow?"
He is already on his job,
and there's no more time clocks, pain and sorrow.

Bob loved all of his coworkers,
eh talked to them all the time.
Bob was just that type of person,
he was outstanding and very kind.

Go ahead and shed a few tears,
you can even question God and ask why did it happen to him.
But just remember, all of our days are numbered,
and each and every day is looking pretty slim.

Bob was an outstanding officer.
He took his job serious and with pride.
He always talked of his family,
and God knows he loved his kids and his wife.

I say to the family and friends today,
hold up your head because that was Bob's style.
Just remember that God makes no mistakes,
and Bob took off his badge just for a little while.

~Author Unknown~