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Memorial 2001

If you would like to add your respects to a fallen officer please forward
full name, birth date, date of death, location and a bit of info to

(if you have any facts related to any of the officers on this page
example: d.o.b. that I was unable to obtain or any of this information
is incorrect please notify me immediately)



A law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty every 57 hours in the USA.

Will you remember me?


Pictures or poems of fallen loved ones are linked below some names. Placing mouse arrow in middle of text will allow page to scroll. Read and see photos while you just watch.

Trooper John G. Mann
Nashville, Tennessee
January 1, 2001
Age 40
Mann died when he was struck by a hit and run driver, while he was wrestling with a car thief, on an interstate highway. Mann has six of seven siblings with occupations in Law Enforcement. He was with the department for 16 years. John leaves behind his seventeen year old daughter. Donations can be made at:
Citizens Bank
2013 Jefferson St.
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Picture of John

Phillip Anderson
Eden, Idaho
January 3, 2001
Age 23
Phillip was a Corporal with the Jerome County Sheriff's Department. He was attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant. Upon entering the home, he was shot instantly. Phillip as with the agency for 2 years. He was wearing his vest.
Picture of Phillip

James Moulson
Eden, Idaho
January 3, 2001
Age 30
Moulson was with Anderson attempting to serve a narcotics warrant. Upon entering the home, he was shot instantly. He leaves behind his wife and a nine month old son.

John H. Duncan Jr.
Fayetteville, North Carolina
January 9, 2001
Age 28
Duncan was chasing a Lexus when he lost control of his car, it hit an embankment and caught fire. He had been with the Highway Patrol for two years, after serving eight years in the military. He was from Laurel, Miss., and leaves behind his wife and three children.
Picture of John

William A. Wilkins Jr.
Oakland, California
January 12, 2001
Age 29
Detective Wilkins was killed when two rookie officers shot him while he was undercover. Wilkins had just collared an auto thief. The two officers did not realize it was him until it was too late. He was on the force for 7 years. "Willie" leaves behind his wife and 10 month old son, William Jr.
Picture of William

Detective Charles Douglas Jacobs III
Riverside, California
January 13, 2001
Age 30
Doug was ambushed and shot in the head after responding to a report of loud music. He was a five year veteran. Doug graduated number one in his Academy class. He leaves behind his wife, a stepson 10 years old and a daughter 7 months old.
Picture of Doug

Jim Afflick
Sydney, Australia
January 14, 2001
Afflick was a veteran cop of 20 years. He set up road spikes (stingers) to catch 2 males who were wanted for B&E and Rob. The two low life's decided to use the brake down lane passing traffic at 100 mph, they spotted Jim and drove straight at him just before hitting the stingers. Jim did not have a chance, they hit him at 90mph, dragging him underneath for about 200 yards. Jim leaves behind his wife who is a nurse.

Trooper Jason Manspeaker
Bakerville, Colorado
January 23, 2001
Age 25
Jason died after slamming his Jeep Cherokee squad car into a parked heavy-equipment trailer. The crash occurred as he chased a vehicle suspected of harboring the two remaining Texas fugitives. Jason was an Eagle Scout with Vigil Honor and an Assit. Scoutmaster for Troop 491 in his home town Montrose, CO. He is the second member of the State Patrol to die in the line of duty since 1992. He was with the department for a year and a half. Jason leaves behind his father, mother and a younger brother. He also leaves behind his wife, his high school sweetheart.
Picture of Jason

Dan Barney
Glenwillow, Ohio
January 26, 2001
Dan died of a heart attack. He was retired Chief of Police of Oakwood and Northfield Village P.D. He was working part time as a patrolman for Glenwillow when he died.

Senior Constable Donald Richard Everett
Karratha, Australia
January 26, 2001
Age 49
Donald worked for the WA Police Service in Campbelltown N.S.W. Australia. since 1972. He died in a plane crash with three of his fellow officers. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Constable Gavin Ashley Capes
Newman, Australia
January 26, 2001
Age 27
Gavin worked for the Newman PD since 1997. He died in a plane crash with three of his fellow officers.

First Class Constable David Adrian Dewar
Newman, Australia
January 26, 2001
Age 31
David worked for the Newman PD since 1994. He died in a plane crash with three of his fellow officers.

Senior Constable Phillip Gavin Ruland
Newman, Australia
January 26, 2001
Age 32
Phillip had been on the job since 1994. He died in a plane crash with three of his fellow officers. All four of these men will be greatly missed.

Quinn Rose
Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
January 30, 2001
Age 36
Quinn was found stabbed to death in his home when he did not report for work two hours prior. He worked at the Sixth District in South Philadelphia.

Deputy Vance Clements
Gregg County Sheriff's Department, Texas
February 1, 2001
Age 32
Vance was killed in a single vehicle crash while responding to a disturbance call. During the response his cruiser left the roadway and struck a tree. He had been with the agency for 10 years and leaves behind his son, parents, and a brother.
Picture of Vance

John Anthony Riojas
San Antonio, Texas
February 2, 2001
Age 37
John, affectionately known as "Rocky", was shot once in the forehead, with his own gun, during a struggle with a man he had been chasing on foot at an apartment complex. The gun is still missing. John was an eleven year veteran. John leaves behind his wife and two young children.
Picture of John

Trooper Frances M Collender
Odessa, Delaware
February 6, 2001
Age 39
Frances was with the agency for 4 years. She was killed when she was struck by another vehicle while handling an automobile crash. She leaves behind two daughters, seventeen and eight years old. Frances as a trooper at Troop 9 in Odessa.
Picture of Frances

Scott Baird
Gainesville, Florida
February 12, 2001
Age 23
Scott was killed while waiting for assistance to remove a batting cage from the road. Pranksters had left it there. A seventeen year old driver not seeing Scott in the road struck him, knocking the batting cage over on Scott, killing him.
Pictures of Scott

Michael S. Nickerson
Centreville, Maryland
February 13, 2001
Age 24
Michael was shot with a shotgun and killed when responding to a loud music call with Schwenz. He had been with the Centreville PD for three weeks. Michael was with the Kent County Sheriff's Department for three years prior. He leaves behind his fiancee, parents and two brothers, both Kent County Deputies.
Picture of Michael

Jason C. Schwenz
Centreville, Maryland
February 13, 2001
Age 28
Jason was shot with a shotgun and killed when responding to a loud music call with Nickerson. Jason was a Deputy Sheriff with the Queen Anne's County Sheriffs Department for 18 months. He was engaged to be married in September.
Pictures of Jason

Deputy Sheriff Brandan Hinkle
Los Angeles, California
February 14, 2001
Age 33
Brandon was with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for 11 years. He had just switched to motorcycle patrol. He was killed when he collided with a car going the opposite direction. Brandon leaves behind his wife.
Picture of Brandan

Keith G. Ruiz
Austin, Texas
February 15, 2001
Age 36
Keith was shot in the chest during a drug raid. He was wearing his vest but one bullet entered his arm and severed an artery. Keith was a Deputy Sheriff with Travis County. Keith was a 12 year veteran. He leaves behind his wife and three sons 14, 6 and 2.
Picture of Keith

Richard Vauris
Clinton Township, Michigan
February 19, 2001
Age 54
Richard was shot during a scuffle with a suspect at a township apartment complex. He was a 4 year veteran who was recently appointed a hostage negotiator. Prior to that he was with the Detroit PD for 27 years. Richard was the first officer to be killed in his agency's history of 35 years.
Picture of Richard

Daniel M. James Jr.
Corpus Christi, Texas
March 2, 2001
Daniel worked with the U.S. Border Patrol. He died after suffering severe injuries in a roll over accident during a vehicle pursuit January 29. He was a graduate of USBP Academy Session 389 in Charleston. Daniel is survived by his wife Melinda and two sons Devin 9, and Joshua 2.

Constable Jurgen Seewald
Cape Dorset, Nunavut
March 5, 2001
Age 47
Jurgen was shot and killed when he arrived at a domestic dispute. He was a veteran of 26 years and one of two officers who lived in the hamlet of Nunavut, population of 1,118.

Steven J. Underwood
Des Moines, Washington
March 7, 2001
Age 33
A six year veteran of the force. Fatally shot when he stopped four teenagers after recognizing one of them on a felony warrant for his arrest. He radioed in saying he was going to contact the people in the car. When backup came they found him lying on the street, gun still in holster and shot twice. He was wearing his vest, but shot in the stomach. He had just achieved the rank of master police officer and was a field training officer. He was the second officer since 1959 to die in the line of duty in Des Moines. He leaves behind his wife and a two year old son.
Picture of Steven

Aaron John Teets
Georgetown, Kentucky
March 11, 2001
Age 26
Aaron was a member of the Kentucky Horse Park Police since February 2000.. He and three members of his family died on Interstate 40 near Knoxville when seven vehicles collided in a flaming, chain-reaction crash. Also killed was Aaron's father and Aaron's two sons ages two years and 9 months.
Teet's Family Memorial Fund:
Kentucky Horse Park
c/o Marketing Dept.
4089 Iron Works Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

Alisha Henson
Paradise Valley, Oklahoma
July 10, 1964
March 12, 2001
Age 36
Alisha worked as a dispatcher for the Lawton, Oklahoma PD for 16 years and Comanche County Memorial Ambulance for the last 2 years. She was found dead by her mother.

Michael J. Cowdery
Baltimore, Maryland
March 13, 2001
Age 31
Michael was shot and killed while stopping two men with his partner. Another man came around the corner and started shooting at the officers with a powerful handgun, apparently without provocation. Michael was on the force for 4 1/2 years. He leaves behind his parents and a ten year old son.
Picture of Michael

Edward Black
Jersey City, New Jersey
March 15, 2001
Age 52
Edward was a 23 year veteran of the force. He died suffering a massive heart attack while on patrol. He was driving and slumped over the steering wheel, the cruiser rolled slowly and collided with a tree. Edward leaves behind his wife and two sons.

James W. Naim
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
March 15, 2001
Age 32
James was killed execution style with four shots to the head. He was on regular foot patrol in a low-income housing project and left to die in a playground. He was also two months away from completing his bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management at Geneva college. James leaves behind his wife. Family and friends have established a memorial scholarship in his name.
James W. Naim Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o Clifford Glovier
3200 College Ave.
Beaver Falls, PA 15010-3599
Picture of James

Trooper John Robert Davis
Badge No.714
Nashville, Tennessee
March 17, 2001
Age 49
John had just completed an investigation of a separate, unrelated traffic mishap when he apparently lost control of his patrol car. He was a 13 year veteran. His vehicle left the roadway and went over a cliff where it landed in a creek ejecting him. He is survived by his brother and a daughter.
Picture of John

Terry Eugene Foster
Independence, Missouri
April 10,1949
March 17, 2001
Age 54
Terry was shot and killed during a domestic disturbance. Fellow officers pulled his body out of the house just before the suspect lit a match to several oxygen tanks causing the house to blow up. Foster was with the department for 32 years and three weeks from retirement and looking forward to retiring in August. He is survived by his wife of one year and several grown children.
Picture of Terry

Douglas Adams
Elkhart, Indiana
March 20, 2001
Age 31
Douglas was killed when his squad car collided with another police car as both rushed to help another officer involved in a foot chase. He was with the department 5 days short of a year. He was also a reserve officer in North Liberty, Indiana. He leaves behind his wife.

Hector Garza
San Antonio, Texas
March 29, 2001
Age 48
Hector was shot in the head shortly after arriving to try to break up a fight between a husband and wife. Garza did not see the man's handgun because the man's back was to him. The man spun around and fired at Garza before he got to draw his gun. Garza had been with the force 25 years. He is the fifth San Antonio police officer to die this year and the second to die in the line of duty in a month. Hector leaves behind his wife and five children.
Picture of Hector

Sherry E. Lyons-Williams
Atlanta, Georgia
October 11, 1961
April 4, 2001
Age 39
Sherry was shot under her arm and also through her chest where her vest stopped the bullet but could not protect her. She and other officers were serving a search warrant. She was a 13 year veteran of the Atlanta police department and the first woman officer ever killed in the history of APD. She leaves behind her husband. Contributions may be sent to:
Sherry Lyons-Williams Scholarship Fund
UGA Foundation, Athens, GA
Attention: Jeff Delk
Picture of Sherry

Senior Constable Dave Sheehan
Brisbane, Australia
April 5, 2001
Age 48
Dave was killed when his motor bike hit a truck as he sped to an emergency call of a burglary. He was known in the community as "popular copper". He leaves behind his wife and four children.

Lt. Clay Medrano
Marshall, Texas
April 27, 2001
Age 51
Clay and another officer were attempting to bring in a suspect for a mental evaluation. They had dealt with the person before. After waking the suspect from a sound sleep, the suspect went to the back of the home to dress. He came back with a shotgun, killing Medrano just outside the homes entrance. Clay was with the department for 15 years. The officers never had a chance to return fire.

Lt. Christopher Claypool
Columbus, Ohio
April 29, 2001
Christopher was killed by a hit and run while investigating a traffic accident. He was a seventeen year veteran.

Deputy Sheriff Jason Lopez
Pinal County, Arizona
May 4, 2001
Age 26
Jason was shot and killed while attempting to serve a warrant. The suspect fatally shot him in the throat. He had been on the force six years. Jason leaves behind his wife, a three year old son and a one month old child. His parents are also employed with the sheriffs' department.
Picture of Jason

Ryan Cunninghan
Vail, Colorado
May 6, 2001
Ryan was responding to an accident with a jack-knifed semi. As he was at the accident another semi jack-knifed sliding toward Ryan. He had to make the choice of being hit by the truck or jumping off the bridge. Ryan faced certain death and chose to jump off the bridge. God Bless him.

Craig Schultz
Kansas City, Missouri
May 16, 2001
Age 36
Craig died when he lost control of his motorcycle while responding to the scene of an accident. He was an 11 year veteran. Craig leaves behind his wife and two daughters, ages ten and seven.
Picture of Craig

Albert Vasquez
Houston, Texas
May 22, 2001
Age 32
Albert was shot in the head and killed while working off duty at an apartment complex. The suspect he was apprehending was not handcuffed because he was on crutches. Albert was on the force for seven years. He leaves behind his wife and two sons four months and six years old.
Picture of Albert

Deputy Sheriff Joseph Norman Dennis
Houston, Texas
May 22, 2001
Age 35
Joseph was shot in the head and killed while arresting a suspect. Ironically he was killed one block away from where Albert Vasquez was killed earlier in the day.
Picture of Joseph

Donald Gilpatrick
Granby, Massachusetts
May 26, 2001
Age 37
Donald was found dead by a resident in the South Hadley Police Station, his death is under investigation. He leaves behind his wife and four young children.

Larry Brian Mitchell
Gallup, New Mexico
May 30, 2001
Age 23
Larry worked with the SWAT team for the last four years. He was shot to death during an eleven hour stand off with a man who barricaded himself in a mobile home after arguing with his girlfriend. He leaves behind his wife and two year old son.
Picture of Larry

Gregory Collins
Vienna, Maryland
June 3, 2001
Age 30
Gregory was a Corrections Officer with E.C.I. He was shot and killed on his way home thru the back of his truck. He had just gotten off his shift and was two miles from home. Gregory leaves behind his wife and their five month old daughter.

Robby Acosta
Iberville Parish, Louisiana
June 6, 2001
Age 25
Robbie was a flotia officer for the Sheriffs Dept. patrolling the waterways of Iberville Parish. He died of cancer. He leaves behind his wife, who is with child and two children.

Joey Cushman
Arlington, Texas
June 7, 2001
Age 27
Joey was a Corporal and with the Arlington PD for four and a half years. He had volunteered to demonstrate that a plastic safety helmet he was wearing would deflect a fake bullet. A fellow officer pulled a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic weapon from his holster instead of picking up a handgun loaded with fake ammunition and shot Cushman in the head. It happened during a school shooting training exercise, with 8 other officers attending, at Ousley Junior High. All officers were wearing vests. It was the first time conducting this type of training. Joey was valedictorian of his 1998 Academy class and had just been been promoted to Corporal the day before his death.
Picture of Joseph

Charles Leon McDonald
Forest Park, Ohio
March 18,1966
June 9, 2001
Age 35
Charles had just finished the test for the swat team and was rushed to the hospital. Several hours later Charles died of kidney failure. He was with the Forest Park PD for 6 years. Charles leaves behind a son 11 years old.  We will miss his sweet smile and his stories he loved to tell so well.
Picture of Charle's Funeral

Marlon Francisco Morales
Washington DC
June 13, 2001
Age 32
Marlon died of injuries suffered when he was shot four days prior while on duty. He had stopped a man for failing to pay a fare. Marlon’s gun and ammunition were taken. Morales had been on the job only since January. He served in the U.S. Army from 1988 to 1992 and was a veteran of the Gulf War. He is survived by his wife, their three children, two boys ages 11 and 8, and a daughter who is less than 1 month old. On this day of his death was his oldest sons birthday. God hear their prayers.
Picture of Marlon

Jim Bruce Graham
Hemphill County, Texas
June 17, 2001
Age 54
Jim was shot and killed while trying to serve four warrants on a suspect. As he was getting out of his cruiser the suspect opened fire on him. Jim had been with the agency for 14 years and leaves behind his wife and his daughter.

Master Sgt. Stanley W. Talbot
Cambridge, Illinois
June 23, 2001
Age 50
Stanley was dragged to his death during a routine roadside safety check. The driver sped off, dragging Stanley for nearly 5 blocks. Stanley began his career with Illinois State Police in March of 1975. He had talked about retiring at the end of the year. He leaves behind his wife who is also an Illinois State Trooper and his daughter had just joined the Illinois State Police Academy this month. He also leaves behind a son.
Picture of Stanley

Trooper James A. Moen
June 25, 2001
Age 49
James was killed in his single-engine aircraft while on patrol. The cause of the crash is unknown. He was with with the Fish and Wildlife Protection Dept. for 17 years. He leaves behind his wife and four children.
Picture of James

Tommy F. Bernal
Fairfax, Virginia
June 28, 2001
Age 29
Tommy was a Captain with the Fairfax Count PD. He was conducting a training exercise with fellow officers on motorcycles. The officer in front of him lost control of his bike and went into another lane. A vehicle in that lane swerved to miss the officer and into Tommy's lane hitting him. He leaves behind his wife and three sons.

Mike True
Memphis, Tennessee
June 29, 2001
Mike was killed off duty in a motorcycle accident. He was an officer with the Shelby County Sheriffs Office. Great efforts were made to help him sustain his injuries, but it was too much for him to deal with. The Law Enforcement community lost a great officer on this day.

Brian T. Strouse
Chicago, Illinois
June 30, 2001
Age 33
Brian was killed while responding to a report of gang-related gunfire. It was in the early morning hours and as people gathered in the street other officers lost sight of Brian. He was found shot twice, once in the head and once to the chest. He was wearing his vest. Brian was with the force since 1995 and leaves behind his mother, father and three sisters.
Picture of Brian

Deputy Sheriff Donald Henson
Gaithersburg, Maryland
July 4, 2001
Age 41
Donald was killed while driving back to his home after a trip to pick up mulch from his garden. A car turned left in front of him, Donald couldn't break in time. He hit a utility pole and died instantly. He was with the department since 1990. He leaves behind his wife.

Lois M. Marrero
Tampa, Florida
July 6, 2001
Lois was shot three times in the head while she was approaching a bank robbery suspect. She was a nineteen year veteran of the dept. The suspect shot and killed himself.

Harold Ray Presley
Tupelo, Mississippi
July 6, 2001
Age 52
Harold was shot when he stepped in the line of fire to protect a deputy while pursuing a suspect. The suspect had earlier kidnapped a woman outside of her home. She was thrown from the car during the chase, naked and bound, yet alive. The suspect was found hiding in a barn, Harold managed to shoot a few rounds at the suspect killing him before he himself died. Harold had been Sheriff since 1993, he joined the force in 1988 as a narcotics officer. His father was the brother of Elvis Presley's grandfather. He leaves behind his wife, a daughter and two sons in their 20's.

Chief of Police Cecil Gurr
Roosevelt, Utah
July 6, 2001
Age 50
Cecil was shot and killed while exiting his vehicle on a domestic disturbance call. He was a Vietnam War veteran and had been with the agency for 27 years, being the Chief of Police for 20 years. He leaves behind his wife and three grown children.
Picture of Cecil

Domenick Infantes Jr.
Jersey City, New Jersey
July 6, 2001
Age 29
Domenick was beaten on July 4th by two neighbors, brothers, with lead pipes when he asked them to stop setting off illegal fireworks. He told them he was a police officer and they asked him to identify himself. He was unarmed and as he went to his pocket to show his badge they hit him in the head with lead pipes. He fell to the ground, never regaining consciousness. As one of the brothers was being handcuffed he kicked Domenick as he lay on the ground. Domenick was on the force for seven years. He leaves behind his newlywed wife of only a few months.
Picture of Domenick

Rodney Kendricks
Lubbock, Texas
July 8, 2001
Rodney was in a motorcycle wreck while performing funeral escort duty. He sustained the injuries on July 2nd and never regained consciousness. Rodney was a 12 year veteran. He leaves behind two daughters.

Kevin Cox
Lubbock, Texas
July 13, 2001
Kevin was shot in the head while attempting to enter a home following a domestic dispute that turned into a standoff. Kevin was a 16 year veteran of the LPD.

Deputy Bill Hunter
Durham, California
July 25, 2001
Age 26
Bill called for backup to assist in a report of gun theft from a tavern owner. It is unknown what happened, but the last time he was seen alive. Bill was on the force for three years and had just been put back on duty from a wrist injury. He leaves behind his wife of one year, his mother and father and two brothers who are also both in law enforcement.

Lt. Larry Estes
Paradise, California
July 25, 2001
Age 61
Larry answered the call for back up from Hunter. Both men's cause of death is unknown. Larry was a 30 year veteran, nearing retirement. He was currently in administration but often backed up officers. He leaves behind his wife a daughter and a son who is Captain for the Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Joe Adams
Lehi, Utah
August 4, 2001
Joe was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. He was a three year veteran. Joe leaves behind his wife and an 8 month old son.

Robert Thomas Ludeman
Rapid City, South Dakota
August 4, 2001
Age 24
Officers were called to a home in west Rapid City at 10:40 pm. They found Robert, who was the victim of gunshot wounds. He was just hired by the Rapid City Police Department. He was sworn-in 3 days prior. He was not on duty at the time of the shooting. 

Eric D. Lee
Chicago, Illinois
August 19, 2001
Age 37
Eric was shot in the head and killed as he and two partners responded to a fight in an alley on the city's South Side. He was a nine-year veteran of the police force. Eric was the second Chicago police officer to die in the line of duty in two months.
Picture of Eric

Deputy Erik Telen
Fresno, California
August 21, 2001
Age 26
Erik was shot and killed by a burglar who was lying in wait. He leaves behind his pregnant wife and two small children.

John Bohach
Reno, Nevada
August 22, 2001
Age 35
John was shot in the chest by a high powered rifle. Suspect had an arsenal of weapons in his home. John was not wearing a vest, regardless, it would not have stopped the metal piercing bullet. John was regarded by his peers as a "top-notch investigator". He was with the department for 13 years. John leaves behind his wife and two children. A memorial fund to help John’s family has been established at Wells Fargo Bank. Donations can be made at any branch.

Terry McDowell
Whitehall, Ohio
August 24, 2001
Age 35
Terry was shot and killed while attempting to serve a traffic citation to the wife of the suspect at her home. He was shot thru the front screen door and twice more as he lay motionless outside the home. Terry was with the department for 8 years. He was also a sniper on the SWAT team. He leaves behind an 8 year old son and an 11 month old daughter.

Cpl. Louis Donald
Gary, Indiana
August 27, 2001
Louis died when his car hit a utility pole. Questions are being asked as to the conditions of the brakes on the car. It was the last car available for officers to drive Monday night. Louis was on his last day of a month long vacation working the "Click it or Ticket" traffic overtime program.

Deputy Hagop "Jake" Kuredjian
Los Angeles, California
August 31, 2001
Age 40
Jake, a motorcycle police officer was shot and killed while responding to a shots fired call. ATF officers were at the residence of a former police officer trying to serve a warrant when the former officer began shooting at the officers. During several hundred rounds of gun fire Jake was killed. He was a seventeen year veteran.

Deputy Donald Bond
Hamilton County, Tennessee
September 6, 2001
Age 35
Donald was shot as many as nine times from two different caliber weapons. He stopped to look at something in the road and didn't call into dispatch, that's when the shooting occurred. He was found next to his vehicle, his vest and weapon were missing. They were recovered when an arrest was made. Donald was the first Hamilton County officer shot and killed in the L.O.D. in 78 years. His father in-law is a sheriff's deputy in Michigan. Donald and his wife would have celebrated their second wedding anniversary on September 8th.

Lt. Monica Carey
Clayton, North Carolina
September 14, 2001
Monica was killed while on a drug bust. She was ran over by the suspect and dragged 30 feet.
Picture of Monica

Jim Faulkner
Peoria, Illinois
September 20, 2001
Jim was shot 5 times two in the side, and 3 in the side of his face. He had been chasing a suspect that he had chased before. Jim was a member of the special response team, and was field training officer assigned to the midnight shift in his district. He received the distinguished service award in 1998 and 2000 by the department. Jim leaves behind a wife, Christine, and five children aged 5 to 13.
Picture of Jim

Ronald C. Sheffield
Detroit, Michigan
September 21, 2001
Age 36
Ronald was shot and killed in an incident in the lobby of the Detroit Federal Office Building. The suspect walked into the lobby, put a paper bag containing a handgun on a counter by the metal detector and asked if he could bring it inside. When he was told no, he reached into the bag and fired one shot. Ronald was not wearing a bulletproof vest and was hit once in the chest.

Shelton Wayne Madden
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
September 27, 2001
Age 49
Shelton was a Mississippi Corrections Officer. After working a 16 hour shift he apparently fell asleep at the wheel driving home. He leaves behind his wife, three teenage children, two daughters and a son and a five year old son.

Deputy Jason Schwartz
Canon City, Colorado
September 28, 2001
Age 26
Jason was en-route to the jail with two suspects charged with shooting a dog. Both suspects were hand-cuffed but had two handguns in their waistbands, hidden, and also a handcuff key. They worked with their father making the handcuff keys. This is how they were able to get loose and shoot Jason. He was shot a total of 12 times. They also paralyzed another officer from Florence, Colorado, and injured another officer from the Fremont Sheriff's Dept. Jason was with the Fremont County Sheriff's Dept. He leaves behind his wife and a one month old son. He is forever loved and missed greatly.

James B. Gilbert
Norfolk, Virginia
September 28, 2001
Age 28
James was shot and killed when he responded to a possible suicide call.  When he proceeded to go down a hall way to check on the possible victim he was shot in the head, a second officer returned fire and killed the suspect.  He still serves every day with us and keeps us safe.  He will always be remembered by me and many others. He was with the Police Department for three years. James leaves behind his wife and young daughter.
Picture of James

Sheriff Dwight Woodrell
Pawnee County, Oklahoma
October 13, 2001
Age 26
Dwight was with Pawnee County Sheriffs Office for thirteen years. He had stopped on the way home to check a suspicious person at a local business. He was found face down in the front seat of his patrol car, shot 6 times. He died enroute to the hospital. Dwight leaves behind his wife and four children, ages 2 through 8 years old. The county of Pawnee lost a good man on this day.
Picture of Dwight

Louisville, Kentucky
October 2, 2001
Age 41
Pamela was killed by her husband. He put their two children on the bus to school, came back in the house and shot her with her own weapon. He is now serving a life sentence. Pamela was with the Department for five years and two years with another agency. She helped fight sexual harassment and was always involved with programs for children.

Cpl Michael Beverly
Chester City, Pennsylvania
October 16, 2001
Michael was shot in the head 3 times and killed. He was with the department for 12 years, celebrating his anniversary with the department the day before he was killed. He leaves behind his wife and five children

Darren Beatty
Calgary, Canada
October 17, 2001
Age 29
Darren was shot in the head during a tactical team training exercise. The team had broken into a six member tactical squad for the exercise and Darren was role-playing the bad guy.  He was shot with a service Glock which apparently still had one live round. He was with the department for five years. Darren leaves behind his wife.

Brian Wilkinson
Bartow, Florida
October 22, 2001
Brian was killed when his helicopter crashed while assisting ground units looking for a burglar suspect. He was with the Polk County Sheriffs Office for 10 years. He leaves behind his wife and children.

Larry Rhoden
Bartow, Florida
October 22, 2001
Larry was killed with his partner Brian when his helicopter crashed while assisting ground units looking for a burglar suspect. He was also with the Polk County Sheriffs Office for 10 years. He leaves behind his wife and children.

Forrest Cupo
Oakland, New Jersey
October 27, 2001
Age 39
Forrest was killed when his car hit a deer, veered off the roadway, and flipped, ejecting him. He joined the department in 1990. His first love was singing, he sang at events ranging from benefits for underprivileged kids, to dances for the Italian American Police Association. Forrest leaves behind his wife and three children.
Picture of Forrest

Jeffrey Fontana
San Jose, California
October 28, 2001
Age 24
Jeffrey was killed where it appears that the officer had stopped a vehicle in the area and was shot while approaching the vehicle. When fellow officers got the call they found him lying in the roadway suffering from a gunshot wound. Further investigation shows that the suspect had just recently been released from jail on a judges verdict. Suspect is being sought for again.

Thomas Murray
Port of Gramercy, Louisiana
October 30, 2001
Thomas lost his life during an examination of the hold of a vessel in which toxic fumes were apparently present. He was a member of the Customs family for thirty-one years.  He began his career in International Falls, Minnesota in 1970, after serving in the United States Air Force. Thomas leaves behind his wife, Joan, and six children; his parents, Jack and Donna Murray; and five brothers, one of whom also serves as a U.S. Customs Inspector.

Frank Vazquez
West Jefferson, Ohio
November 6, 2001
Age 26
Frank died when he was hit by a sports utility vehicle. He had pulled over a vehicle when the SUV swerved on to the bern, hit the cruiser and the pulled over vehicle. Frank leaves behind his wife and three children.

Tod C. Kelly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 31, 1958
November 7, 2001
Age 43
Tod was hit by a vehicle while he was trying to remove debris from the road. He was a Trooper for sixteen years. Tod leaves behind his wife, son and a daughter, parents and a sister.
Picture of Tod

Billy Ray Walls
Lexington, Kentucky
November 13, 2001
Billy was shot in the head while trying to serve a misdemeanor warrant with two fellow deputies. The other deputies survived the shooting. Billy leaves behind his wife of 1 1/2 years and a 6 month old daughter.

Trooper Hans Roelle
November 24, 2001
Age 40
Hans was shot twice after following a man to his home during a domestic-violence call. The man had thrown his girl friend out of a moving vehicle and Hans followed the man home. He had the woman's two children with him. Hans tried to intercede for the safety of the children, but was killed while approaching the home on foot. He was a 17 year veteran and leaves behind his wife, three daughters ages 5, 6 and 11 and a son age 9.

Christopher Kevin James
Dallas, Texas
November 25, 2001
Age 34
Christopher was with the Dallas PD for six years. He was killed in a shoot out at a night club. He had asked a man to leave the club and was shot. Christopher was off duty, but will be recognized as killed in the line of duty because he was defending the public. He was wearing his uniform at the time. Christopher leaves behind his newlywed wife and an eight year old daughter.

Captain Chuck Morgan
Lexington, Kentucky
November 28, 2001
Age 51
Chuck died after complications from being involved in a shooting on November 13th. Billy Ray Walls listed above was involved in the same incident. Chuck was an 11 year veteran. He leaves behind his father, a son, two brothers and four grandchildren.

Clinton Hunter
Austin, Texas
November 29, 2001
Age 23
Clinton was killed when his patrol car was struck by a vehicle being chased by police. He joined the department on September 8, 2000. He leaves behind his wife and two year old daughter.

Roy Gene Turner Jr.
Fayetteville, North Carolina
November 29, 2001
Age 32
Roy was shot in the head after leaving his patrol car while on patrol in an area known for crime and drug activity. He had been on the force for 5 years, transferring a month prior to the departments neighborhood improvement team. A bible was found on the front seat of his patrol car. Roy leaves behind his fiance and a six week old son.
Picture of Roy

Wilson "Alex" Johnson
Junction City, Kansas
December 3, 2001
Age 56
Alex was shot and killed when he responded to a domestic disturbance. He had been sent to retrieve two children from an apartment complex. Alex was the first officer to be killed in the line of duty in Junction City in more than 100 years. He leaves behind his family.

Don Miller
New Bern, North Carolina
December 25, 2001
Age 33
Don was shot in the head outside of a Wilmington hospital on the 23rd. He had just finished visiting his wife and their 10 day old daughter. A man drove up to Don in front of the hospital and shot him. There is no known connection between the two men. Suspect arrested 10 mins later carrying two guns. Don had been with the department for four years.

Captain Alister McGregor
East Providence, Rhode Island
December 27, 2001
Alister was shot by a fellow officer with a rifle as a 12-member SWAT team staged a mock hostage situation on a school bus. He was a 16 year veteran and recently promoted to Captain. Alister was also the commander of the SWAT team and had organized the training exercise. It is unknown how the rifle with live ammunition got introduced into the exercise.





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