Boys In Blue

Memorial 2000

Louis A. LaSalle
Englewood, New Jersey
March 18, 1973
January 3, 2000
Age 26
Louis was thrown from his motorcycle after being hit by another vehicle.
He sustained extensive head injuries.
He was wearing his helmet, but died instantly.
He was a member of PBA Local 216, the Englewood Pistol Team,
and the Englewood Police Honor Guard.
He was a former member of the Bergenfield Ambulance Corps.
He leaves behind his family and all of us on America On Line
that loved him and cherished him dearly. We will miss him.

Matthew R. Bond
Pennsylvania State Police
August 8, 1971
January 14, 2000
Matthew was killed when the marked police vehicle in which he was a passenger
was rammed from the rear. His partner had pulled onto the berm so the Troopers
could assist a motorist whose vehicle had slid into the median.
He served with the Pennsylvania State Police for 4 years and 4 months.
Note: Trooper Bond was awarded the state police medal of honor
when he rescued a women and her daughter who were trapped
in there home that was on fire on December 5,1998.

Officer Benny Marciante
Staten Island, New York
October 15, 1972
January 17, 2000
Beloved husband, beloved son and son in law

Sgt. Bruce Prothero
Baltimore, Maryland
February 7, 2000
Bruce was shot and killed during an armed robbery.
He was a 12 year veteran.
Bruce leaves behind his wife and five children.
Ages two thru six years old, including triplets.

Michael E. Deno
Oakland City, Indiana
September 18, 1975
February 29, 2000
Officer Deno was shot in the head by a suspended driver
on a traffic stop on 2-28-00, he died the next morning.
He is survived by his wife Cindy, his mother, father and one brother and two sisters.

Deputy Todd Widman
Hiawatha, Kansas
March 1, 2000
 Age 21
Shot and killed by a runaway. The runaway was a Buffalo Police Lieutenants son.
Suspect was shot and killed 3 hours after killing Widman. 

Oscar Perez
San Antonio, Texas
Age 31
March 24, 2000
Shot in the head while trying to make contact with a man in a motel
whom had warrants out for his arrest. Oscar got a few shots off but died of his injuries.
He leaves behind a pregnant wife and two small children.
He is the first officer to die in the L.O.D. in San Antonio since 1995.

Police Officer Patricia Rosado
New York City, New York
Age 26
April 4, 2000
Officer Rosado had just finished her tour and was in her vehicle leaving the 73rd Precinct
when she was struck and critically injured at an intersection close to the Precinct.
Officer Rosado died as a result of her injuries at Brookdale Hospital.
She was on the force for 9 months.

Lance Cpl. David Travis Bailey
Greenville County, South Carolina
Age 27
April 6, 2000
David was trying to catch up with a car, when another changed lanes in front of him.
He lost control of his vehicle, going down into an embankment,
crashing into a grove of trees. He died at the scene.

Jeff Azuar
Vallejo, California
Age 50
April 12, 2000
Jeff was shot and killed while serving an arrest warrant.
He had left his K9 partner in the car because there were children
in the area and some were afraid of dogs.
Jeff was with the department for 21 years.
Jeffs former K9 partner Rondo, was stabbed in the line of duty in 1997.
Azaur was one of the best known, best liked officers on the department.

Sgt. Timothy Joe Hunt
Alcoa, Tennessee
April 20, 2000
Age 31
Timothy was killed when a pickup truck pulled out in front of his motorcycle
entering US 129 causing his death. Timothy was a motorcycle patrol officer.
Tim leaves behind his wife, two brothers, and his mother and father.
He will be sadly missed by all his friends and fellow officers.

Sergeant Jeffrey Alan Klein
Collier County Sheriff's Office Naples, Florida
November 3, 1964
May 20, 2000
ID #791
Murdered while off-duty at the home of a friend.
Jeff was shot seven times by an ex-lieutenant of the sheriff's office while visiting
the apartment of the lieutenant's estranged wife, Sandra Kipp, she also died.

Officer William Jones
Austin, Texas
May 28, 2000
Age 49
Jones was shot three times in the chest while making contact with the still unidentified suspect.
Officer William Jones was the first Austin police officer shot to death in the line of duty since 1978.

Sgt. Margaret Joan Eve
Chatham, Ontario
July 29, 1962
June 9, 2000
Marg succumbed to massive head injuries two days after a tractor-trailer crashed
into the back of a trio of police cruisers. The police had stopped a car by the side of the highway.
Marg leaves behind a husband, Robert and two children ages six and three.
Marg is believed to be the province's first female officer to die in the line of duty.


Deputy Kelly Vermeerch
Huron County, Caseville Township, Sebewaing Michigan
Age 39
June 11, 2000
Killed when his patrol car left the road while responding to an emergency call in heavy rain.
Vermeerch died instantly of severe head trauma when his car strict a tree and rolled over.
Deputy Vermeerch, an 11 year veteran of the Sheriff's Dept.
He is survived by a wife and three daughters.

Officer Connie Ray Lee
Roanoke, Virginia
Age 31
June 12, 2000
Lee had returned from a fellow police officer's wedding and was riding his motorcycle
alongside several other policemen and friends.
A motorcycle in front of him hit some loose gravel and veered slightly
Lee tried to avoid the other motorcycle and died of his injuries.

Corporal James R. Courville
St. Martinville, Louisiana
Age 47
June 19, 2000
Died when his sheriff's cruiser ran off Interstate 10, hit a tree and caught fire
after the deputy's cruiser had run into the back of a pickup truck.
No one knows why or how this incident happened.

Officer Jeff Moritz
Flagstaff, Arizona
Age 30
June 21, 2000
Moritz, 30, a four-year veteran of the Flagstaff Police Department
and father of a 2-year-old boy, was shot to death.
He had just stopped a pickup that neighbors had complained
about for speeding and loud music. The suspect is in custody.

William J. Hetrick
Oak Harbor, Ohio
February 20, 1970
July 10, 2000
Hetrick loved working with youths and was training in that direction.
Hetrick was killed heading back to the station after answering a call for vandalism.
His outside overheads were on looking to the side for any suspicious persons
when an overloaded steel hauler (108,000 lbs) pulled out in front of him.
Hetrick never had a chance.
He leaves behind a wife of 11 years, three children Tyler 6, Aleise 4 and Aubrie 6 months.


John Kelly
Staten Island, New York
Auto Larceny Division
July 17, 2000
Age 31
John was chasing a motorcycle with stolen plates.
They were in a high speed case when he lost control of his Chevy Lumina.
He was killed instantly. John was with the New York City PD for 9 years.
He leaves behind his wife, 2 sons age 3 1/2 and 1 1/2, and a 16 yr old adopted daughter

Trooper Lynn Ross
Madison County, Jackson, Tennessee
Age 40
July 26, 2000
Ross's vehicle was struck by a Semi rig, flipped into the median and burst into flames.
 He was working a construc
tion zone that had been having problems.
Ross began his career as a Trooper in 1995. He was divorced with three children

Deputy Wallace Davis
Clallam County, Port Angeles, Washington
Age 48
August 5, 2000
Davis died of a bullet wound to the head, he was attempting to get mediation
for the situation at a residence when the shooting occurred.
His handgun was still in his holster when officers carried him off under shelter of a ballistic shield.
He leaves behind his wife, Lisa and four children

Trooper Randall Vetter
Austin, Texas
Age 28
August 8, 2000
Texas DPS Trooper Randall Vetter died five days after being in intensive care.
He was shot in the head during a traffic stop.
The 72 year old man Vetter had pulled over for not
wearing a seat belt felt his civil rights were being violated.
He later surrendered using the police radio on Vetter's vehicle.

Robert J. Stanze
St. Louis, Missouri
Age 29
August 8, 2000
Stanze and his partner were making a "routine" arrest of a man suspect in the
wounding in July of an officer in Berkeley. The suspect got loose
and shot Stanze between the vest folds in his side.
Stanze was on the force for seven years.
He leaves behind his wife Michelle (who is pregnant with twins) and his young son Wil.

Richard Magan
Fall River, Massachusetts
Age 39
August 11, 2000
Officer Magan fell 30 feet to his death, landing on railroad tracks,
while cutting thru a fence to assist a fellow officer.
They were responding to a fight at the Annual Fall River Celebrates America Festival.
He was an 18 year veteran of the force.
Magan leaves behind his wife and three children.

Sung Hui Bang
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age 31
August 17, 2000
Sung Hui was killed when the helicopter he was in returning from a manhunt
slammed to the ground. He had been with the department for
three years and had complete military flight school.

Ralph E. Zylka
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Age 48
August 17, 2000
Zylka was killed when the helicopter he was in returning from a manhunt slammed to the ground.
He was a 24 year veteran of the department.

Claude T. "Buzz" Ferebee
Montgomery County, Maryland
August 27, 2000
Officer Ferebee died of injuries in a motorcycle accident.
He was a 25 year veteran of the Montgomery County PD.
He leaves behind a wife and two children ages thirteen and seventeen.

Sgt. Carlton Daniel (Dan) Jenkins
Camden County, Georgia Sheriff Department
Kingsland Camden County, Georgia
Age 36
August 28, 2000
Dan was gunned down after stopping a suspected armed robber.
He was shot several times in the neck, chest and body (he was wearing his vest)
After Dan went down the suspect shot him in the head with his own weapon.
A passing truck driver witnessed and stopped to assist using Dan's radio.
The suspect was captured appx. four hours later.
Dan leaves behind a wife and five children ages 4 - 17.

Trooper Mathew Evans
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
August 31, 2000
Evans was struck head-on my a flat bed tractor trailer driven by two suspects.
He had served one year with the Highway Patrol, graduating from the Police Academy in August, 1999.
Mathew leaves behind his wife. 

Jeff Rominger
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Age 42
August 31, 2000
Romingers vehicle was struck by Trooper Evans vehicle had been struck by the suspects.
He leaves behind his mother and an eight year old son.

Corporal Theodore Foss
Minnesota State Patrol
Age 35
August 31, 2000
Trooper Foss was struck and killed by a semi-trailer while on a traffic stop on I-90 in southern Minnesota.
He leaves behind his wife, who is a Winona city police officer and two children ages 2 and 5.
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the Sons of God.

Dennis Licata
Denver, Colorado
Age 33
September 6, 2000
Dennis was a motorcycle officer who was responding to a fatal construction accident.
Details of the accident have not been released.
He joined the Denver PD in 1998 and has received eight accommodations.
 Dennis leaves behind a three year old daughter.

Francis Podbielski
Tuckerton Burough, New Jersey
April 4, 1967
September 6, 2000
Francis died of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.
He leaves behind a wife and three daughters.
Rest now, Podman.

John A. Ayello
Hamburg Boro, Pennsylvania
January 27, 1947
September 8, 2000
John died of a heart attack while making an arrest.
He was on the force twenty one years.
He also founded several anti- drug youth groups.
One of the most popular was "Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs"
He also started K9 dog training in the area.

Deputy William "Bill" Giacomo
Summersville, West Virginia
Age 28
September 11, 2000
Killed by a suspect after Giacomo knocked a 22.caliber revolver away from him.
The suspect managed to get on top of Giacomo and shot him in the head
as Giacomo begged him not to shoot.
He leaves behind his wife.

Deputy Bill Bowman
Clackamas County, Oregon
Age 36
September 12, 2000
Bowman was killed during a swat team training at Camp Rilea in Warrenton. Oregon.
Live ammunition was accidentally used instead
Bowman was shot in the head with a rifle.
He was a six year veteran.
He leaves behind a wife and two children ages 3 years and 3 months old.

Michael Yahraus
Sarasota, Florida
Age 32
September 12, 2000
Yahraus was shot in the eye by a ricocheted bullet during a cross training exercise.
He was a Sarasota County firefighter, one week away from joining
the Sarasota PD Swat Team as a weapon, carrying medic. 

Kevin C. Crayon
Mount Airy, Cincinnati
Age 40
September 22, 2000
Crayon was killed when he was dragged more than 800 feet
attempting to stop a car driven by a twelve year old boy.
Crayon was a four year veteran.
He leaves behind three children ages 19, 18 and 16.

Danny Mc Cleary
Hendersonville, Tennessee
September 27, 2000
Motorcycle Officer Mc Cleary was killed when a car pulled out in front
of him while he was responding to a call during morning rush hour traffic.
He is survived by his wife who is expecting their child this month.

William Toney
Beech Grove, Indiana
September 30, 1968
September 29, 2000
Age 32
Officer Toney was shot and killed while pursuing a stolen vehicle.
The incident turned into a foot chase and the suspect pulled out a gun and shot him.
Bill was killed one day short of his 32nd birthday.
He left behind two daughters, ages four and 18 months old.

Brad Matteson
Fort Wayne, Indiana
October 5, 2000
Age 43
Officer Matteson was killed when he was hit
by a semi-tractor rig that disregarded a stop light.
Brad was a 19 year veteran.
He leaves behind his wife and three children ages 13, 8 and 7.

Detective Christopher Wouters
Warren, Michigan
October 11, 2000
Age 42
Christopher was shot and killed when a suspect being booked at police
headquarters pulled a gun out of his pants and shot him.
He was unaware that the suspect had not been searched.
The suspect then shot himself in the head.
It was the first time since 1969 an officer had been killed in the L.O.D. in Warren.
Christopher was a 19 year veteran and leaves behind his wife and three young children.

Sergeant John D. Platt
Baltimore, Maryland
October 14, 2000
Age 35
Platt was killed along with fellow officer Kevin McCarthy
when their cruiser was broadsided by a pickup truck.
The driver had been drinking and sped through an intersection.
John was on the force for 17 years and three years away from retirement.
  He leaves behind his wife, a three year old son and a four year old daughter.


Kevin McCarthy
Baltimore, Maryland
October 14, 2000
Age 36
Kevin was killed along with Sgt. John D. Platt when their cruiser was broadsided by a pickup truck.
The driver had been drinking and sped through an intersection.
Kevin was on the force for 15 year. 
He leaves behind a nine year old daughter, he was raising alone.

John W. Stem
Baltimore, Maryland
October 23, 2000
Age 51
Officer John Stem was shot 23 years ago responding to a domestic violence call.
His partner was shot and killed by the suspect.
Stem was shot while attempting to save his partners life.
He had been wheel-chair bound paraplegic since the shooting John died last week
because of complications from the shooting and was buried with full honors on this day
. He has been employed with the Baltimore County PD since the incident.

State Trooper Edward Totely
October 30, 2000
Age 31
Edward  was involved in a hand-to-hand buy in a drug operation, occurring in the trooper's vehicle.
The suspect advised him he would be returning.
When he did, he shot Edward in the right side of his head.
He was rushed to Washington Hospital Center where he died with his family by his side.
Suspect still at large. Edward was a 16 year veteran.
He was the President of the Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers.
He was also the 8th officer killed in Maryland this year.
He is survived by his wife an 18 year old son,
a 5 year old son and an 18 month old daughter.

Sgt. Richard Eric Weinhold
St. Louis County, Missouri
October 31, 2000
Age 44
Eric was shot and killed in a cold-blooded ambush that triggered
a four-hour standoff before the suspect surrendered.
A tenant was afraid to approach the house because the suspect
had earlier pointed a shotgun at him
. He was hit by a gunshot blast shortly after entering the home.
He was wearing a bullet proof vest, but it could not save him.

Daniel O'Connell
Bronx, New York
November 1, 2000
Daniel was killed when he fell asleep at the wheel on the way home.
He was with the agency for four years and had nineteen years with the military.
He leaves behind his wife, two sons and a daughter.

Lt. John Eugene (Jack) Galvin
Wichita, Kansas
June 28, 1951
November 4, 2000
Galvin was a member of the Wichita Police Bomb Squad.
He had been hospitalized for several weeks after he sustained
2nd & 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body, during a demolition site discharge.
Several explosions resulted. Jack was on the Wichita PD since September 2, 1980.
He joined the Bomb Squad in May of 1993.
He had been awarded numerous awards of service.
Jack will be missed dearly.

Correctional Officer (LT.) Jordan
South, Mississippi
November 6, 2000
Lt. Jordan had just beat prostate cancer recently
and had bypass surgery on November 2.

Sergeant Kenneth Ray Alexander
Hueytown, Alabama
December 19, 1958
November 16, 2000
Kenneth was an officer for seventeen years. At the time of his death
he worked for the Hueytown City Hall.
He was killed in a car and truck accident.
He leaves behind his family.

State Trooper John Nee
Whitman, Massachusetts
November 25, 2000
Age 49
John, his wife and mother-in-law were killed after a fire ravaged their house.
They were trapped on the second floor.
Nee had been a state trooper since 1974, and had worked at
the Logan Airport barracks since 1993.
He was just one month away from retirement.

Alan Ragsdale
Hohenwald, Tennessee
November 27, 2000
Age 32
Ragsdale was shot 3 times when answering a call of a silent alarm at a local business.
One shot struck Alan in the mid-auxillary line just missing his vest.
He was on the HPD for almost two years.
Alan leaves behind his wife and three children.

Aaron Michael Schoffstall
Terre Haute, Indiana
November 28, 2000
Age 24
Aaron worked for the Vigo County Sheriff Department as a Correction Officer.
He was working an accident on an icy bridge, another vehicle approaching
lost control and Aaron fell 33 feet from the Wabash River bridge to his death.
He left behind his wife or three months and a five year old daughter.

Bradford Erickson
Yarmouth, Massachusetts
December 1, 2000
Age 60
Erickson died from injuries received when he was struck by a truck
on construction detail. He was a graduate of the Connecticut State Police Academy
as well as the Massachusetts State Police Academy.
Erickson was a 28 -year veteran and was in his last year before retirement.
He leaves behind his wife and two daughters.

Mark Damon Hiatt
Bryan, Texas
December 2, 2000
Age 26
Mark was killed while en-route to a funeral procession call.
A pickup traveling the opposite direction attempted a left turn and the left
of the pickup collided with Mark's motorcycle. He died of his injuries.
Mark leaves behind his wife and two young children, a son and a daughter.

Brad Cummings
Belle Glade, Florida
December 3, 2000
Brad worked for the Belle Glade PD, Lake Worth PD and the
Calcasca Sheriffs Office in Michigan where he was a K-9 officer.
He will be missed by his friends and family.

Trooper Eric Nicholson
Greenville, South Carolina
December 6, 2000
Age 27
Eric died of multiple gun shot wounds to the heart and lung.
He was pursuing a man on a moped or small motorcycle, driving on the Interstate.
The man started shooting and hit Nicholson.
Eric leaves behind his wife.

Sgt. David Furrh
Luling, Texas
August 8,1960
December 6, 2000
Age 40
David was shot in the chest when a suspect shot through a crack of a front door.
He shot four or five times. Furrh was not wearing a vest.
He was on the force for seventeen years.
The last 2 1/2 years for the Gonzales County Sheriff's Department,
serving the last 18 months as the narcotics investigator.
David leaves behind his wife, a son 15, a son 7 and a daughter 12 weeks old. 

Captain Tom Craig
Little Rock, Arkansas
December 14, 2000
Age 49
Craig was killed by a motorist that lost control of his vehicle,
while Craig was assisting a motorist at a weather related traffic crash.
He was a 26 year veteran.
Tom leaves behind his wife, a son age 14 and a daughter age 12.

Derwin Brown
Decatur, Georgia
December 15, 2000
Age 46
Derwin was shot several times outside his home after celebrating
his graduation rom sheriff's training academy.
He was to be sworn in as County Sheriff on December 17.
The incident is being called an ambush.
Derwin left behind his wife and five children.

Cpl. James Arvil Lamance
Whitewright, Texas
December 23, 2000
Age 53
James and his partner at the time, his brother reserve Patrolman Kevin,
were pursuing a pick up. The suspect pulled into a pasture and got out of
his vehicle shooting James in the face.
He had been with the department for two years.

Aubry W. Hawkins
Irving, Texas
December 25, 2000
Age 29
Hawkins died of multiple gunshot wounds when he answered a call
for suspicious activity at a local store. He encountered 7 escaped convicts
who had taken store employees hostage.
He was the second officer in the departments history to die in the line of duty.
Aubrey leaves behind his wife and nine year old son.

Brandy Smith Major
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
December 25, 2000
Age 22
Brandy was a dispatcher for the Louisiana State Police.
She died of complications after child birth.
Brandy leaves behind her husband Earnest, who is a Deputy Sheriff,
a son 1 1/2 years old and a son 10 days old.

With Dedication To All L.E.O.'s In Our Hearts They Will Remain