Boys In Blue

Time For Peace

Now is the time, time for peace, Hatred and crime, to finally cease, Live together, and get along, Stop the killing, for it is wrong.

Help those in need, lend a hand, Fight crime back, take a stand, Become involved, take back your street, Help the Police, who patrol their beat.

They don't receive, the credit they deserve, They're here for us all, to protect and serve, See a crime, report what you see, The Police are here, for you and me.

See a Drunk Driver, save a Life, It may be your own, or maybe your wife, Report a criminal, help fight Child Abuse, Abusing a child, there is no excuse.

Help fight crime, so it won't increase, Lend a hand, to help the Police, If we all help out, crime will decrease, Isn't it about time; "Time For Peace."

Poem is dedicated to all Law Enforcement Officers.
Poem was written by ©Martin E. Lynch on this 14th day of November in the year of our Lord, 2000.
(used with permission)